Javier Rosas y su artillería pesada releases a new corrido “aquí seguimos firmes (la chapiza)” ft. Doble cara.

As a follow up norteño-sierreño song  to their hit single “denver ruleteamos”

 Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada have united with fellow Sonora, Mexico-based artist Doble Cara to present the new corrido “Aquí Seguimos Firmes (La Chapiza).” With the power of their accordion, requinto, and voices, these two musical groups proudly represent the Regional Mexican genre and its musical styles on this new single, which includes a music video that takes place in the locations that the corrido tells about.

After successfully launching the single “Denver Ruleteamos,” Javier Rosas y Su Artillería Pesada have focused on the guitar as the primary instrument in their musical repertoire, recording melodies that listeners can easily memorize and enjoy. They’ve also been focused on collaborating with talented colleagues to expand their musical horizons. These gradual changes have made Javier Rosas more innovative with each release and to connect with newer generations of artists.

Javier has slowly but surely built a solid musical career in the Regional Mexican genre via the care with which he selects and records his popular songs. This has allowed him to win over many fans with high expectations, who are now accustomed to the outstanding quality of each of Javier’s songs and have helped make them into international hits.

Javier Rosas is especially pleased by the release of “Aquí Seguimos Firmes (La Chapiza).” The song is truly a result of his perseverance and strong defense of corridos through high quality recordings that have characterized his career since its beginning.